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To the Editor:  About Wild Al's

It all began with a dream. A dream that was brought to reality with the help of friends and family. After over 25 years in various aspects of the food industry, I had a desire to make fantastic food  that people would really enjoy - to serve food the way I love to eat it! I honed my personal food style with years of quietly (and not so quietly) cooking for friends, family and small events then decided to make it a reality and began Wild Al's Mobile Catering & Famous Foods.        

     Along the way came Wild Al's Basic Rub and Memphis Red Barbecue Sauce - the original twosome.  I then worked through a variety of sauces (and a truly fun chicken wing tasting party!). 

      As we grow you'll see additional products added to our tasty food lines. We are a family-owned business and take great care in what we make for you. We want you to not only like our foods, but genuinely say, "Mmmm!" when you take bite after bite! So, with that said, try your favorite flavors knowing that we put great care and love into what we make.

Oh, and thank you for your business!

"Wild" Al


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